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A Few Fire Journaling Friends

A landmark experience in the Klamath Mountains, with ten nature journalers sketching and learning about prescribed/cultural burning as part of the Klamath Prescribed Fire Training Exchange (TREX) program. The training was developed by Miriam Morrill, Robin Lee Carlson and the The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and sponsored and hosted by TNC, the Bureau of Land Management, Karuk Tribe, and Mid Klamath Watershed Council.  Contact Miriam Morrill for more information on project coordination and lessons learned package. 

Click on the Contact link to see a story about this project. 

Author of Nature Drawing and Journaling Nature and How to Teach Nature Journaling. A principal leader and innovator of the worldwide nature journaling movement. He is a naturalist, artist, and educator who has dedicated his work to connect people to nature through art and science. As both a scientist and artist, Laws has developed interdisciplinary programs that train students to observe with rigor and to refine techniques to become intentionally curious. He participated and led sessions in the Klamath TREX Nature Journaling Prescribed Fire workshop and continues to support fire journaling programs and projects.

Jessie is a musician, visual artist, and forest/fire ecologist. She blends her art and science to interpret the world, communicate with other art and science practitioners, and help explain complex systems. Jessie's educational background is in environmental education and ecology and she received her master's degree in Forest Ecosystems and Society from Oregon State University. She is passionate about creatively and joyfully interpreting our social-ecological systems

Seeing, recording, and understanding the world around her as it unfolds. She wants to know how we are moved by the places we find ourselves. When we experience a place, how do we change it? How does it change us?  She believe sit is critical to use all of the tools at our disposal to communicate the interaction between humans and everything that surrounds us. She has sought to translate complex scientific information into easily understandable stories. Using illustration work, to do the same with pictures, especially with pictures that show how the world changes over time. She has journaled post-fire changes since 2015 on the Cold Canyon Preserve and can be followed on her blog called Wildfire to Wildflowers.

Author of the book A State of Change: Forgotten Landscapes of California. A book that is an  artist-naturalist exploration of the historical ecology of California with drawings, sketches, and oil paintings depicting the landscapes of cities before European contact. Laura has an ability to translate landscape observations into pigment and light and shadow. An approach long before the invention of the camera, computer and smartphone. Using patient observation of Nature along with the last vestiges of ancient painting methods that were being lost to time and modernity. In our day and age of digital technology it is all the more important to value and preserve these techniques that allow the description of Nature in a more realistic manner than photo-editing.

Marley is a nature journaler and an educator. He longs for a reintegration of art with science and words with images, a synthesis that he develops in his journals. Nature Journaling became a fundamental practice for Marley when he discovered how it could synthesize his interests and  accelerate his learning. As an educator, Marley is constantly sharing, inspiring, and provoking learning in nature and on paper. He has over 10 years teaching, nature journal expeditions on 3 continents, more than 60 free educational videos online, well studied in art, botany, natural history, ecology, psychology, and education.

Painting and sketching about life on the streets of San Francisco, the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada mountains and wherever else she finds, including journaling and art creating after the Rim Fire and during the Klamath TREX Nature Journaling Fire Workshop.

Working for the Pacific Education Institute, Julie has developed and coordinated a range of education programs and supported teachers in the Pacific Northwest. She has partnered with Miriam Morrill (Pyrosketchology) on several projects including an introduction to nature journaling fire for the Washington Fire Adapted Communities annual conference.

Fire Journaling Friends: List
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