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By Miriam H Morrill Consulting and Illustration

Enhancing fire communication, education and training efforts through creative approaches and observation-based practices.

I am a fire education specialist and illustrator who has provided training and support to various fire planning efforts and collaboratives in the United States, Australia, Micronesia, the Republic of Palau and Jamaica, as well as the International Association of Wildland Fire. My illustrations have been used in a number of fire and smoke research projects and fire plans in the United States and Canada. After retiring from a 27 year career in wildland fire mitigation and wildlife management, I have developed a program called Pyrosketchology to help people form a deeper awareness and understanding of fire through nature journaling practices.

I offer onsite and virtual workshops about pyrosketchology and other fire education approaches and illustration support. You can use the contact form to request more information about the program and my support options. 

I will soon have a Patreon account where you can support and engage in a range of my pyrosketchology education efforts and skills development. 

About Me: Welcome
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